Olive tree (olea europea) symbolizes Peace, Unity, Wisdom, Prosperity and Victory. According to Greek ancient Mythology goddess Athena planted the first olive tree in Athens' Acropolis, offering a valuable gift to the Athenians. Ancient historians report also that Greeks were the ones that taught other Mediterranean people how to cultivate the olive trees. Until today, Greek olive oil is accepted globally as being of the finest quality.

Olive oil is the basic element of the mediterranean nutrition and is included among the healthiest foods. Apart from that it is the basis of production of cosmetics and other therapeutic products.

ATHENAIS Olive Oil supplies Greek and global market with all olive tree related products (olives, oil, wood). Our production is done in the region of Kalamata, well known for the highest quality of olive tree products.

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Mouthwatering Greek tastes!

“The greatest of riches, the remedy for all life situations is the fruit of the olive tree”

Solon (ancient Greek lawmaker)